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Geoffroy Lequatre Designer

Geoffroy Lequatre Designer


Born in 1981, Geoffroy Lequatre devoted the first part of his life to sport at the highest level. During his 12 years as a professional cyclist, he cultivated his passion for design and fashion. All his spare time, including that travelling to races, was dedicated to dreaming, sketching, designing, producing and testing out his creations. This allowed him to be both productive and in touch with reality. A reality inspired by different cultures and numerous personalities.

"I always felt that time hanging around in hotel rooms and airports was time squandered. Designing saved me from wasting time and allowed me to prepare for my future."

His creativity and pioneering vision are the result of feelings shaped
by a deep respect for the body and the intense high that comes from undertaking a sporting activity.

"Every pedal stroke during training frees my mind and allows me to be creative and in tune with trends, clear my mind, to be a visionary."

He’s largely self-taught but has undertaken courses in Paris and Marseilles in fashion design, styling, design and graphic art.





Geoffroy Lequatre.


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